Cynthia K Mullins

I have greatly enjoyed having the Merritt Parkway as my muse in this series. There are 32 paintings from the initial series. I am currently working on about 10 news ones which, together with some of the initial ones, will be shown at the Lockwood-Mathews Mansion Museum this coming fall. 

The Merritt continues to inspire me with its smaller, intimate feel, abundant foliage, sky views, architecturally unique bridges and charm. We all spend time on the road, gazing out a window, thinking our thoughts, admiring an evening sky wishing, hoping and trying to figure out our life. These paintings are about our relationship with the road and, more figuratively, our own journeys.

"Cindi Mullins' floral paintings are a riot of color and masterful paint application. Close cropped and brought to the foreground of the picture plane, these seductive images portray recognizable botanical specimens while their impasto brushwork brings them to the verge of abstraction." - Gabriel de Guzman, Wave Hill Public Garden Curator, NYC

I love painting spacious landscapes or more intimate close ups of the outdoors. Woods, rivers, oceans, fields, streams, skies, and mountains are all beautiful to me. I paint en plein air or in the studio from my photos and/or sketches and notes.

Here are commissions I have done. There are also some older paintings that have found lovely homes in various states. If you are interested in a commisson please contact me through my email:

Thank you!

Here are photographs of my paintings in various locations including Olley Court of Ridgefield, Silvermine Gallery, and my studio.