Cynthia K Mullins

Cynthia K Mullins

I experience a certain amount of difficulty when writing an artist statement since I believe that a lot of what comes out of me is not totally conscious but a spontaneous outpouring of personal interpretation, deliberation and continuing adjustment between the painting and artist.  I do adhere to a certain amount of known painting techniques that I have learned and developed over time, but the end result is a mix of that knowledge and whatever flows out of me. 

My work has a blue print of reality transmuted with my own sensibility and creative decision whether working more abstractly or staying close to natural scenes.  I am not interested in a literal depiction of what I see although I almost always seek inspiration from either one of my photographs, a still life set up or painting outside en plein air.  With visual information I make decisions as to composition, color, style, focus and so on.  For me, there is a definite dance, or interaction between the emerging painting and myself; back and forth, one informs the other as the artwork forms.
I have great affection for and love to look at the world and find most of it beautiful. I believe one can paint almost anything and make some enchantment. I find the start-to-finish process of making a painting very enticing, engaging and thought provoking. This creative process, coupled with painting some magic and enchantment, hold me to my craft.